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•     ZEN——“禅”优雅的意境与现代时尚艺术的完美结合,内敛却又张扬。属于系列化产品“内燃”自然派的代表产品,充分表达了优雅华丽外表下饱含着无限内涵;通过内部芳香粒子的晃动使香气扩散,消除车内异味,增添芳香。

•     同类汽车饰品在汽车行进中产生的晃动会分散司机注意力,形成安全隐患。我们将摇晃散香的部件安置于产品内部,在满足扩香功能的同时,使产品外观处于静止状态,保证了行车安全。

•     ZEN将现代建筑艺术与日本传统禅文化相结合,使用户在拥挤嘈杂的城市街道中感受到一份自然与平静。

•     ZEN, is a vehicle-mounted fragrance combining the serene atmosphere with the modern fashion art; it is both introvert and extrovert. As a representative product of the “internal combustion” nature product series, Zen presents the infinite significance behind the elegant and gorgeous cover to the most. By shaking the fragrance particles inside, Zen can help remove the odd smell and add fragrance. 

•     The furnishing articles inside the vehicle tend to sway thus can easily divert driver’s attention and cause safety danger. Zen is a part which can give out fragrance while being fixed or installed inside the vehicle. Therefore, it can guarantee a safe drive. 

•     ZEN combines the modern architectural art with the traditional Japanese zen culture, and can give users a sense of casualness and serenity even in the noisy city streets.
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