•     自主品牌显微镜产品的设计风格普遍趋于传统、保守,同时细节不够考究,往往给人以低端、劣质的印象。作为一个新兴的品牌,福凯希望通过设计以及工艺改良一扫先前产品的平庸,同时提高产品的可识别度,进而提升品牌影响力。

•     国产体视显微镜产品的利润空间较低,故成本控制尤为重要。同时,由于产品内部机械结构复杂,而且产品尺寸需加以控制,故留给设计师进行创意的空间极小。
•     竞品调研的结果显示,多数产品的机头部分尺寸小巧,形体简洁,造型理性,因而给人以廉价的感觉。对此,我们适当加大尺寸以增加产品的体量感;丰富形体层次以提升产品的精致度;引入优雅、流畅的曲线面元素以展现产品的亲和力;利用强烈的色彩对比以强化产品的视觉识别度以及赋予产品更加年轻、活力的气质!

•     Independent brands microscope product design style is generally tend to be more traditional, conservative, and details is not fastidious, often give a person with low-end, bad impression. As a new brand, fouche hope through design and process improvement of the previous product mediocre, at the same time, improve product recognition, and enhance the brand influence.

•     Domestic a stered microscope product profit is low, so the cost control is particularly important. At the same time, because of the complicated mechanical structure inside the product, and product size should be controlled, thus left to designers for creative space is very small.

•     Competing goods research results show that most of the products of the nose section size small, form and concise, modelling is rational, thus gives a person the sense with cheap. To this, we add more dimensions to increase product dimension sense; Rich body level to enhance the product's exquisite; Elegant and smooth curve surface element is introduced to show the affinity of products; Use strong color contrast to enhance product visual recognition and products more young, vibrant temperament!

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