•     我们引入“仿生”设计理念,成功将海豚跃水而出时的刹那精彩融入设计,赋予产品动感、时尚、先锋、活力的特质,恰当地迎合了目标人群——大学低年级学生的审美需求。

•    在大学显微镜产品领域,国内自主品牌的设计风格普遍趋于传统、保守,同时细节不够考究。而通过我们的工业设计与奥特的工艺改良,彻底扭转了该类产品给人的低端、劣质的印象,提高了产品可识别度,进而大大提升了品牌影响力。


•     I.CO introduces the bionic design philosophy and integrates the extraordinary beauty of the dolphin coming out of the water into the design, giving the microscope the qualities of activeness, fashion, pioneering and vitality and fulfilling the aesthetic needs of the target users—the freshmen and sophomore in colleges.

•     The microscopes for college use produced by domestic brand tend to be too conservative and less detail-oriented. But with the industrial design of I.CO and the technological upgrading of Optec, Optec Biological Microscope has completely changed people’s impression on domestically-made microscopes which used to be of low quality, made them more recognizable and promoted Optec’s brand influence. Also, I.CO designs buckles and bobbins to satisfy the need for mobile teaching in college; the newly-designed buckle has gained a win-win result for it optimizes the technology and lowers the cost.

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