•     BC2650的设计初衷是轻便、实用、简易操作,因此我们将其设计为一款连老人与不常用机械的人都可以简易操作使用、安心工作为设计理念的产品。以锂电池驱动,同时安装了重量轻体积小的油电混动装置,提升启动便捷的同时又满足动力需求;整体造型极具亲和力,引擎设备的处理圆润温和、亲切自然;握把与提手握感舒适,符合人体工学的握把间距使操作更为舒适;鲜艳的配色让原本冰冷的工具更具生活气息与活力。

•     Lawnmower BC2650 is supposed to be an easy, convenient and practical product, so I.CO designed it into a machine which is so easily operated that even the old and the people seldom using tools can use it skillfully. Powered by lithium batteries and a small-sized petro-electric hybrid device, BC2650 can be easily turned on and is fully powered; its outlook is friendly and even its engine is naturally round; the handles and lifting rings are comfortable, and the properly spaced handles fit in with the ergonomics, thus making the operation more comfortable; the bright color inject vitality to the cold tool.

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