•     在专业的园林修剪工作中,高空作业经常伴随着危险,其中一个原因便是工具的便捷与安全性,所以这款精心设计为世界最轻重量的G2000T小型链锯(仅2.1KG)便诞生了。为了实现彻底轻量化,从结构到造型以至到零件都经过精密的设计与选择,完成只有手掌般大小的极致精密化的图纸,最终设计成型;整体造型十分轻巧便利,以极富拉力的基本面和鲜艳的色彩搭配表现产品PI,让冰冷的工具兼备专业性与活力。

•     The work high above the ground in the professional garden pruning and shaping is quite dangerous; one of whose causes is the tool. Chain Saw G2000T is an elaborately designed chain saw featuring convenience, safety and the lightest weight compared to that of its same kind in the world. To make the chain saw as light as possible, I.CO designs and chooses elaborately from the structure, the outlook, to the spared parts; the final design drawing is only palm-sized; its outlook is light and convenient; its surfaces with great tensile force and the bright colors showcase its PI and inject the cold tool vitality and professionalism.

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