•     作为园林工具中的入门级链锯,使用轻便、简易、安心是G3300的核心特点。因此设备的引擎,启动器,链盖等所有零件的使用方法、规格等都由设计师重新设计定位,从而使G3300展现了更加小型轻便化、操作性优良的特性。由此,G3300也成为了之后Zenoah的原型机,奠定了Zenoah系列产品PI的基础。极具整体感的造型兼具美观与实用,鲜亮的红色机身充满强烈的视觉冲击;凭借完美的设计G3300也荣获了日本GOOD DESIGN设计大奖。

•     As an entry-level tool in the gardening tools, Chain Saw G3300 is easy, convenient and safe. It is made much smaller and easier to operate by the I.CO designers who reposition the application methods and specifications of each and every component and part including the engine, starting vessel and chain cover. G3300 is the prototype of Zenoah which appears later in time and lays down the ground work for its PI. G3300,which features wholeness,beauty, and utility; is in red, a color to cause a major visual shock; with its perfect design, G3300 has awarded in the Japanese design competition Good Design.

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