•     基于免疫微柱凝集试验技术,与适用的微柱凝胶检测卡配合使用进行血型分析,可以完成血型正定型、反定型、Rh血型鉴定、抗体筛查、交叉配血等,易于操作,标准化,自动化,敏感度高,检验结果直观可靠,速度快,检测项目多,结果可长期保存,有利于大量样本操作等优点,有效降低医生负担。

•     设备整体体现了内繁外简的风格,内部操作区域结构复杂,外观设计线条清晰简洁,材质和颜色的搭配使稳重、复杂的设备呈现出轻盈、灵动的质感,给使用者带来精密、专业、友好的用户体验。

•     大面积透明舱门的独特设计集隐蔽与透视于一体,亚克力材质的透明窗将内部部件全部包裹,既便于使用者观察内部操作区的运行状况,高亮反射材料的表面处理又使视线不会被内部杂乱的内容所扰乱。曲面简约的透明舱门与其下的进样区形成了独特的不对称造型,恰到好处的比例设计又与右侧的支臂操作台达到了巧妙的平衡,使其与设备主体在视觉上浑然一体,又给整体风格增加了一丝童趣。
•     Based on the technology of immune micro column agglutination test, combined with the applicable micro column gelatin detection card, the device implements blood group analysis, such as positive blood group, negative blood group, Rh blood group identification, antibody screening, cross- matching test, etc., in a way that is much easier, more standard, and more automatic and of higher sensibility. The device can make multiterm test fast with an intuitive result that can be kept for long and it is conducive to tests with a large number of specimens that would effectively reduce the burden of doctors.

•     The whole device embodies the style of complexity inside and simplicity outside. The internal structure is complicated but the lines outside are designed clear and simple and the combination of materials and colors makes the stable and complex device present a light and flexible texture, which brings the user a precise, professional and friendly experience.

•     The unique design of large transparent cover integrates the effects of concealing and perspectivity with acrylic transparent window wrapping all internal components, which is convenient for users to observe the running inside, while highlight reflective material with the surface treatment makes the vision not be disturbed by the disordered contents inside. The transparent cover with simple curved surface forms a unique asymmetric shape against the testing area underneath, and the proper proportion of the cover achieves an ingenious balance with the operational platform on the right. Such design is intended to add a slight sense of naivety to the integrated whole of the device.

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